Hey warriors!!!

Today is a very special day for me, and for our band. Our own cellist Valen and a very good friend of mine is getting married!!! And guess who is playing music for the wedding!!! ME!!! 🙂

Click on the photo to see Valen’s character description:





… I am so happy for the couple! And I can not help but get emotional.

So that means more inspiration and motivation pouring out towards you ~ my tribe!!!

This month I have been thinking a lot and strategizing over Living from the Heart and how important it is to make decisions from your heart, and not the mind…

See, our mind is a tool given to us to help us deal with obstacles… However, to be truly happy and live fulfilling lives; the path we take has to be a decision of the heart. So here is my manifesto for Living from the Heart:

If you are depressed ~ watch this!!! 🚫STOP LISTENING TO YOUR BRAIN!!!️ It is a tool designed to debilitate you!!!

We get sad because we are listening to our brain to lead us! STOP!!!✋

⚫️ Your brain is a tool ~ give it a job, not the other way around!!!

Do what you are interested in:

For me it is music and physical movement!!! For you it could be painting, knitting; performing public service ~ it will ground you and take you out of your head space!!! I chose a career path that would fully engage my mind, body and heart…

Your role models ~ great artists and scientists (Name anyone!!!) ~ did not make decisions from their brain ~ they did it form the heart!!! They employed heir brains to fulfill their big dreams and goals!!!

⚫️ Feed both wolves!!! Left and Right Feed all your animals!!! Explore and try things ~ only then you’ll find yourself in one or three, or many of them!!!

⚫️ Your brain is a viral program designed to keep you from doing anything ~ it is a basic animalistic survival mechanism to ensure your survival…

It tells you that you are worthless, not good enough, that you don’t matter ~ you’re a bad father, bad husband, bad mother… It does so to make sure you stay put…

But this mechanism is outdated in today’s life!!!

⚫️ When misdirected; your brain will poison your entire system and take you down with it…

Like a computer virus!

When you are sick you do not make adjustments for your illness ~ you make adjustments for your recovery!!! Do that!!! Don’t leave space for illness in your system!!! You would not make room for cancer in your life ~ you would eliminate it with all your efforts!!! Fight!!!

⚫️ Nothing you feel right now or tomorrow is permanent!!! And so your decisions are not going to control you for the rest of your life!!!

You can choose to live in Thailand for a year and then move across the world the next!!! Nothing you are experiencing is permanent!!! Life is not permanent!!! It is ever-changing, -growing and -evolving!!!

You are sad because you have an enormous potential inside you that you have not yet put to use!!! Do it!!! It doesn’t matter where you start!!! JUST DO!!! The job you have now will not define you for the rest of your life!!! Even if you do what you love ~ a couple years down the road you will see how things have changed!!!

⚫️ Make decisions from your heart ❤️not your brain 🧠

Keep doing it continuously and each day!!! You will see the change!!!

Do you agree that the heart has to drive your life choices and the mind be given a job of helping you get there???
Comment and tell me which decisions have you made from the heart???
How did they play out in your life???

I can not wait to hear from you!!!

And see you in our live on Sunday 12pm and with some pics from the wedding!!!

Keep on slaying it warrior!!!


~Vira ~The Warrior Queen

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