Hey Nature Spirits!

As we enter the closing month of winter, I felt compelled to share with you the story of Lygon and the closing track of Obsidian. This is only a rough homemade demo to set the mood. The final recording will be so much bigger and bolder. I will soon begin working with a team of amazing engineers who will add their magic to the song and bring its colours in true glory! Here is Lygon…


Lygon, a mythical creature, inspired by the Sunstone, is a mix of Lion and Dragon, whose song tells a story of a defender of all life and freedom. It is an entity that gives voice to the minorities, little heard of in the mainstream media and arts – a being that rises in the closing battle, to fight alongside those who struggle.

Ruled by Sunstone – a bright and powerful gem, Lygon brings upon justice and peace, and leads humanity into its golden era of kindness and harmony.


Norse sagas mention a mysterious “sunstone” used for navigation. New research hints calcite crystals could have guided Vikings with highly accurate compass readings even when the sun was hidden. (https://www.wired.com/) In the lieu of its mysterious property the composer was inspired to create a protagonist, Lygon, to guide humanity out of its despair and into the light.

The lion in him is a just and noble ruler, who ensures all wrongs have been tuned right; and the dragon is a fighter, a warrior who performs his duty in noble cause and fights to defend humankind from its own weaknesses.


The song evolves slowly, adding in texture with each new layer. Just as the dagon spreads his wings, and then slowly takes off into the sky – Lygon grows in intensity and gains momentum, climaxing in the epic metal solo – the fire breath. This is the closing battle for humankind. There is no stopping it, and the music reflects this ever-growing and evolving nature. There are no moments to sit around and meditate – this track is packed with action. After the fight, Lygon slowly descends and lands on his battlefield, and sees that the dark burnt ground has turned into a meadow, carpeted with spring flowers. This is the fresh start, new hope and new spring for humanity to grow and evolve. The sun rises and all life feels its warmth.
With burning the pain to the ash we can learn to let go, though we will not forget what has passed here, so we never shall repeat the wrongs of our past. Out of ash new life will bloom, and spring flowers cover our fields.


  • Electric violin Yamaha
  • Choral war cry chanting: sample from YouTube
  • Metal drum track sample by Arnaud Krakowka
  • Orchestral Sound samples, electric bass, electric guitar & harp imitation on Roland KR-3 Keyboard
  • Eerie vocals by Vira Burmenko
  • Warm pad background drone effect
  • Khomus/Jaw Harp
  • Microphone: Shur-58
  • Soundcard: Steinberg
  • Sound Editing Software: Audacity
  • Effects: Reverb, Paulstretch, Transpositions to fit the key of the song

*This demo is a home recording by Vira Burmenko and does not compare in balance and sound quality with Turquoise and Obsidian, created by Michael Kondakow, or Intervention created by Jacob Y. The final recording will be produced by Michael Kondakow, as well as mixed and mastered by two more highly regarded professional engineers: Noah Minz and Dan Hosh.

I appreciate you taking your time to listen to this rough and unbalanced track 🙂 I hope you can imagine how it will sound when all the noise has been cleaned up.

What’s next? Slowly, in feasible steps we will begin releasing recordings for Obsidian. One-by-one you as my special contributors will be the first to hear each newly produced track and an inside scoop into our recording process, studio time, and collaborations with other artists 🙂

So, stick around – there is much fun to be had yet!!! 🙂

I am so excited to share this album with you!
Have an amazing week!


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