Welcome to Iron Fiddle Saga!!!
We are warriors from East and West and we bring to you our epic cinematic gypsy metal saga as we tell our story!!!

Join us and become a warrior too!!! We are a string band and we have been entertaining the crowds around GTA for over a decade!!! Though we love to fulfill requests, the time has come for us to release the music we love to make, this is how Iron Fiddle Saga album was conceived!!!

We are releasing a new song each month of 2019!!! And by December same year we will have an entire album and an epic show ready for you!!! So, don’t miss your free IRON FIDDLE SONG downloads and sign up with our email tribe!!!

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The Warrior Queen

(Vira Burmenko ~ violin)

She rises and falls, she does not give up…
She is the last one standing!!!
And for her pack she will tear you to pieces!!!

Queen of Lions

She may not carry heavy weapons, but she will strike you down with her piercing mind…
She is a true predator!!!
If you intend to plot against her, beware ~ for she knows your every move…
Do you dare to make one?…

Lord Vayden ~ The Beast

(Valen Steer ~ cello)

Though he might appear as a gallant prince ~ inside lives a beast!!!
If you awake it ~ you might regret it…
For he strikes you down with his steel!!! But… also beware of the hidden demon ~ who, with his vibrachords, sings you  off your feet and into the other side!!!

Angel of Death

(Afshin Effati ~ cello)

He brings the punishment upon those who earned it…
If you are a foe, beware of his bow!!!
And if you are unsure, there is always an ax to make you certain!!!