Ever since I completed my MA in Music at York University, I felt something was missing in my life…

Do not get me wrong: I love my work, I love my students and clients too!!!
But, the one thing missing was the sense of community; the feeling that I can turn to my professors or school fiends to share what I am going through an they will understand, because they have the same deadlines 🙂

At some point following my graduation, I have written My Key to Immortality, documenting my views on life and practices that I engage in to keep myself well.

However, even writing down my thoughts could not fill the void. I knew I had to go farther!!!

Have you ever felt like you were living somewhere on the sidelines, and you just desperately wanted to get back in?

So, I took a leap of faith and started sharing videos of me playing violin on social media. I discovered live streaming and launched our regular Sunday Lives.
My sound and video were not nearly even close to what we have today. I learned and I connected dots in my head and cords to my mixer haha!
Step-by-step, I upgraded my electric set up for live shows and live streams! All thanks to Jacob my amazing producer!

But more importantly, through the past three years, I have met you ~ and over 6,000 other Music Warriors inside our Facebook tribe!!!

Thank you so much for being a part of it! And thank you for sticking through the times of cheap semi-lit basement videos too 😉

And now that I have you ~ all of you here, I feel the need to bring value into our lives and, more importantly to bring back that sense of community and support for each other that I felt throughout my school years!

This is one of the main reasons I created Musician Today Podcast!!!
It has only been three weeks, but it allowed me to connect with nearly a dozen amazing artists, my role models that have pushed me to share my content over these years! These are the people who bring value into my life and who genuinely support each others’ projects and passions ~ the people I never thought I would be speaking with as if we have known each other forever!

I still have stars in my eyes 🤩 because this week I have interviewed the amazing violinist Chloe Trevor!!!

You will enjoy the listen!


Chloe has been an inspiration to me ever since I opened Instagram years ago… I have seen her engage her community through beautiful music… And today we bring you her most epic summer camp program where she will teach you!!! Come study with Chloe @chloetrevor_violin!!!

Sign up before it’s too late:  http://www.chloetrevormusicacademy.org/





Chloe and I spoke about her amazing international music program and what students can gain from this experience!
We also addressed the challenges of being a full time concert violinist; the training and stamina it requires; as well as the invaluable power of social media for bringing your music to the people!!!

If you have students, or are yourself looking for a summer music program ~ hers is amazing and you should check it out: http://www.chloetrevormusicacademy.org/

Ask Chloe your questions about the program!!! More direct social links are inside my podcast.


Part 1 & Part 2

There are two streams because my phone camera died in the middle… (of course :)) But no worries ~ we got it all on the podcast file!!!

Find Chloe:
Insta: @chloetrevor_violin
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/chloetrevorviolin/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/unicornstars
Website: http://www.chloetrevor.com/
➡️Study with Chloe @ CTMA:
OR BECOME A SPONSOR AND DONATE TO THE ACADEMY!!! I contributed through PayPal!!!

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Last week we had a viral sensation Brigit O’Regan; an international genre bending superstar Ariella Zeitlin; last month ~ a platinum producer Fred May, and many more are on the way to you!!! Paul the Trombonist, Drew Forde aka That Viola Kid are joining us in August!!! 🙂

II can’t wait to share their epic input with you!!!

Meanwhile, please comment below and tell me what burning question would you like us to discuss next with my upcoming guests???

My personal curiosity lies with:
1. finding your true voice and identity as an artist;
2. building a brand true to you;
3. prioritizing happiness, while doing things you love;
4. and knowing when to ask for help!!!

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I hope you enjoy it and I will be seeing you soon in our next Facebook Sunday Live @ 12pm Toronto Time!!! To discuss this week’s epic podcast and enjoy some awesome music!!!

Have an amazing day warrior!!! And let’s keep slaying it together!!!


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