Hey warriors!!!

As you know, we are recording the new Iron Fiddle track for you!!! And we are EXACTLY HALF-WAY THROUGH THE ALBUM!!!

We are so excited and can’t wait to share the entire Saga with you!!!

As you know, creating something that takes this much planning is an incredible amount of work… and through our process we have been through highs and lows, personal and health issues as individuals and as a group. But, we are doing this and now I am more sure of the project’s success than ever!!! And all this confidence is reinforced by our Warriors’ tribe!!! YES YOU!!!

It means so much for me to receive your emails and feedback!!! Sharing my innermost self with you through music is truly my way of living it to the fullest!!! And making this album come together is my life’s vision!!!

We could not do this without you!!!

Especially I would like to recognize our contributors, who were so kind to support our IndieGogo campaign in November!!!


In no particular order… EPIC THANK YOU’s TO:

Candice Christiansen
Umair Haider
Derek Drzewiecki
Valen Steer
Mary Veronica Reid
Richard Campbell
Kevin Rounce
Rick King
Galyna Sakharova
Dudy Ersuz

Ganna Grygorenko
Lena Burmenko
Derek Kayser
David Villanueva
Geoff McIver
Aneet Gupta
Peter West
Renard Jackson
Mark Garcia

Some of your Postcards are on their way!!! And I can’t wait for you to hold your own SIGNED copy of Iron Fiddle Saga album!!!

Thank you to all warriors, who keep growing our tribe stronger and bigger!!! We are already planning a live show and our CD launch and we can not wait to see you all there!!!

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Keep on slaying it warrior!!!


See you soon my friends!!!

P.s. And because you asked in our last live, here is where you can get our epic warrior goodies: